Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.
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Health and Wellness Programs

echinaceaHome for Health is a non-profit Christian ministry that focuses on demonstrating and educating individuals how to overcome disease and stay healthy. Our lifestyle center is dedicated to working with people regardless of finances and is family friendly. Suggested donations cover what is necessary for the operation of the ministry.

We are a hands on lifestyle center, involving our guests in all aspects of what it takes to live healthy and stay healthy. Guests learn tasty recipes and are also taught to prepare them. All aspects of hydrotherapy and other immune system boosting techniques are taught to guests and they learn how to perform for themselves. As Medical Missionaries, it is our goal to equip all guests with the education and experience so that when they return home they will be self sufficient and able to better take charge of their health.

MassageOur health sessions are intended to be one to three weeks (19 days) in length and are divided into sections, though guests can come for as little as one week. The first week is a heavy detox and cleanse designed to get as much of the heavy metals and toxins out of the system as possible. We also help the guests to determine their nutritional needs. That is followed by a liver and gallbladder cleanse along with starting the rebuilding phase. Lastly, is a bowel and parasite cleanse along with some fine tuning of the nutritional and dietary needs. The whole program is designed to be educational and enjoyable so come to Home for Health and Rebuild, Revive and Refresh. To start your journey and check out our program dates please click Dates

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Example of Daily Schedule

***Note: Programs are specialized for guests. The schedule listed below is an overall outline that is followed. Before meals there may be green drinks or fresh juice. Therapies will vary to some extent, juices and supplements will also vary based on individual needs.
Certain days of the week there are special evening programs
 8:00 am Program starts
 8:30 am Devotion
 9:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am Juicing and Food prep
11:00 am Class time
12:00 pm Therapy Time
1:00 pm Exercise in Gym or Free Time
2:00 pm Lunch
3:00 pm Food prep
4:00 pm Juices with Sun and Fresh Air
5:00 Class or Video
6:00 pm Dinner with optional Juice
7:00 pm Free Time or Evening Program
9:00 pm Retire to Room
**Weekend schedule varies; there are no classes and we often do some fun outings. We do a devotion service Saturday morning and, if they choose, we will take guests to a church of their preference on Sunday.