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We are proud to incorporate the methods of Dr. Carey Reams (RBTI) into our lifestyle center. We have seen some tremendous results come about faster by individuals being able to see how the program and lifestyle changes they make, change their chemistry. We like to teach guests how to test themselves so they can help others. I have include a short bio and some audio downloads for those that would like to learn more. And our Bioagriculture page also goes into some of Ream's farming techniques.

Carey Reams GardeningNote: We do not diagnose or prescribe any treatments and this is used for educational purposes only!
Most people have not heard of Carey Reams, a biochemist that revolutionized agriculture and holistic healing. Born in Orlando, Florida in 1910 Carey Reams was a brilliant man. He became a biochemist and was hired in the 1930's by a naturopathic doctor to research how to optimize the nutrient content of the foods we eat Reams spent several decades working on this issue. Many in the organic agribusiness use principles that Carey reams and William Albrecht (Albrecht will be covered in another article) developed. However, today's organic movement has lost much of the insight that these men brought to the table. While correctly avoiding herbicides and pesticides, the modern organic movement has failed to focus on the nutrient content of the foods grown.
Reams developed methods of agriculture that pushed nutrient content of foods to their upper potential. These methods are perfectly sustainable avoiding much of the negative attributes of conventional agriculture. He made pesticides almost unnecessary by increasing the sugar content of crops, so they were undesirable to pests, but more desirable to us. His system is called "Biological Ionization" because his focus was on remineralizing the soil and then making those minerals available to the plants through appropriate biology.
Carey Reams LemonsIt is the author's belief that most of the healthcare industry could have been totally eliminated if we would have turned our focus on agricultural practices instead. Think about the following: the average supermarket carrot has approximately 30mg of calcium and virtually no trace elements but grown correctly it could contain upwards of 500mg of calcium and 100x the trace elements. The same basic principle would apply to virtually every other type of fruit, vegetable, grain or seed. Then consider that most human diseases have their roots in nutritional deficiencies and it begins to become clear that many diseases could be completely eliminated through better nutrition.

Carey Reams PhCarey Reams started in the agricultural arena but didn't finish there. He was a deeply religious man. One particular day, after several days of fasting, a scripture came to him from the book of Genesis about how man was created from the dust of the earth. Then, a revelation came to him about employing the same principles with people that he used for the soil. He began to run experiments on 100's of healthy young men to find the common denominators for perfect health. He utilized the information he gained while consulting at an Orlando, FL hospital. It worked so well that results like it have never been seen. During the years 1970 and 1971 Carey Reams worked with over 24,000 patients of which over 10,000 were given up to die. Out of the patient group deemed "terminal" more than 95% became perfectly well and lived healthy lives.
Carey Reams refractometer

By utilizing what Carey Reams knew the world truly could have been changed, and this holds true today. Millions of acres of totally worn out land could be redeemed and become fully productive. Millions of people that have suffered for years with illness could be set free. He offered so much that could benefit the world, and yet he is unknown by most. Here at Home for Health Lifestyle Center we have incorporated many of the agricultural and nutritional wisdom of Carey Reams into our program and have seen the benefit in the lives of many.

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