Deuteronomy 7:14-15 You shall be the most blessed of peoples, with neither sterility nor barrenness among you or your livestock. The Lord will turn away from you every illness.
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Welcome to Home for Health Lifestyle Center

Christian Health and Wellness RetreatWhat is so special about Home for Health Lifestyle Center? a Christian health ministry known for guests that have overcome degenrate diseases like cancer, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Lymes etc. This ministry offers hope and healing to everyone.  Home for Health has designed eclectic programs, pulling from various arenas of the alternative healing realm. Treatments are well thought out and grounded, without delving into spiritualistic modalities. The wellness center has pulled the best of several alternative healing modalities, thus Home for Health has achieved a synergistic program that is greater than any of the modalities individually. Compared to any of the alternative healing facilties in Mexico or Europe but we are a fraction of the cost and Christian based (all honor and glory is directed to God as the True Source of healing).



Christian Healing CenterAnother key feature of therapy at Home for Health is that we take pains to insure that patients have a reasonable understanding of the rationale behind their therapies. There are daily lectures and presentations where patients and their companions can attend and participate in activities like treatment lectures, laughter, group meetings and the like.

We are often asked what therapies we use and what our programs are like. This can be difficult to answer because we help each guest to tailor his/her program to fit their own specific health needs, so there can be quite a bit of difference between each guest's protocol. The therapies and nutritional protocol can vary but will include: copious amounts of fresh juices, vegetarian cuisine, hydrotherapy, herbs, supplements, massage, infared saunas, steam baths, oxygen therapies and much more.
Christian Healing Retreat 3We have tailored individual programs to be extremely therapeutic, regardless of condition. Health sessions are also designed to be practical and educational in order to provide people with the means to be in charge of their own health. Individuals have come with all sorts of conditions, ranging from Cancer, Diabetes, Lymes Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, High Blood Pressure to Candida, Fibromyalgia and other auto-immune disorders. Many are now free of disease and these health sessions are designed to benefit all whether they have a chronic health issue, would like to cleanse and detox or just want to get away and relax. We regularly recieve guests from all over the globe to improve their health and overcome disease. So far, we have had guests from across the United States and other parts of the world, including the Caribbean, Canada, France, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Estonia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Christian Healing Retreat 3Home for Health focuses and strives to produce and outstanding program. It operates as a healing ministry and because of this, it doesn't have all of the expenses and overhead that exists in the most centers. There is no desire to take advantage or make financial gain from sick or hurting people. Please check out our Program Costs Page to see what recommended donations are.

There are programs running every month to be convenient and health retreat sessions can be extended for up to six weeks for those that are in serious need. Check out our Program Dates or send us an email through the Contact Form, to the left, and let's get started.

So, whether you are suffering from some illness or disease or you are experiencing good health and would like to know how to go from good health to optimal health, Home for Health Lifestyle Center is committed to serve you, walk with you and guide you into

The Way of Abundant Life!

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Come Visit Us:

kentucky2If you live in Powell County, Eastern Kentucky or are willing to drive the distance to come for a visit we would love to meet you. You would be welcome to sit in on a devotion, a class and even break bread with us. We can give you a tour of the facility and we would count it a privilege to be able to pray with you, whether you are sick or not. Our phone number is 1-606-663-6671. Please call ahead before you plan to come. 

To learn about details pertaining to your visit click here.

Pierre Barkovics Dream

Pierre BarkovicAbout 13 years ago, Pierre Barkovic had a dream that redirected Steve Day's life. If you were not aware that God is still in the business of working miracles, you should read this story.

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